10.22.18: a rebel alliance of quality content
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I';m an international writer/ filmmaker who came to Philadelphia by way of Washington DC, Novosibirsk and Moscow (Russia), Miami, and Los Angeles after earning degrees from Cornell and U of Miami in Russian studies and film production. Originally from Scranton, PA, I am loving my new city, imbibing all the history I can and scarfing down all the pork belly I can get my hands on. I love telling stories, whether in pictures or words - thanks for indulging me!

member since 4.15.09
personal site: marianne ruane, writer/filmmaker


what tony soprano taught me
lessons in life from tv writing
television - discussion

grandma and god
why a recovering catholic can't part with religious relics
general - discussion
4.22.11 : feature column!

a kosher pig roast wedding
general - lifestyle

how simi valley's toxic mountain was made
shooting a documentary in five days
film - career
5.12.10 : feature column!

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