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Writer, beer drinker, brewer. Not necessarily in the order.

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corner pub bureau chief
member since 4.15.02
durham, nc  us
personal site: top fermented


why i blog
an instrospective about why i write on the online
10.17.11 : feature!

This past week I published a piece on my blog ... 
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a guide to guide books
on writing episodical non-fiction
9.21.11 : feature!
the great american sameness
a plea for difference
8.24.11 : feature!
a post-technologist's early review
7.11.11 : feature!
where have all the bad guys gone?
i miss the days when they just wanted to take over the world
5.31.10 : feature!
a primer
9.23.09 : feature!
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1. how to be a badass in ten easy steps
your entrance to the hood
: feature!
2. autobots, roll out
inside the fear in one geek's mind
5.21.07 : feature!
3. to pee or not to pee
urine it up to here.
4. love at first sip, a how-to
open beer, drink beer, enjoy beer, repeat.
8.16.02 : feature!
5. understanding the zombie invasion
the popular culture of the undead
3.23.09 : feature!
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re: the great american sameness

Erik, this is by far your best piece you've written! I love the descriptions along your road trip. They remind me of the many road trips I've taken from Phoenix, AZ to Seattle and back. Or last summer when we drove from Phoenix through Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana to Glacier National Park. What I like best about this piece, is that it flows so naturally. You weave your point in about "sameness" subtly with diplomacy. And your point is something EVERY person living in America needs to be more open to. I agree that the very "sameness" you speak of is killing our ability to "think" in this country. I applaud your efforts in opening up the topic for discussion.

re: google+

You are exactly right and you beat me to this point. It's missing the integration. Well done.

re: where have all the bad guys gone?

A very good perspective on why it's never easy nowadays to just pick a side & stick with it at the movies.

re: occupational profiling

It's all very confusing!

re: love a fair

Sorry I'm so late. I'm way behind with my email.

re: how the privileged get more privileges


re: how to be on the internet

This advise applies to many things, not just Internet postings. Well done.

re: how to be on the internet

Such wisdom!

re: understanding the zombie invasion


re: understanding the zombie invasion

Mucho entertaining. Time wasted/well-spend reading this.

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