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Jason Gilmore is a film director, screenwriter, novelist and unrepentant Detroit Pistons fan. Track him down on Facebook.

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they shoot with film, don't they?
some thoughts on the film .vs digital civil war
6.6.12 : feature!

Times are changing fast, with technology transforming all we see around us. Those of us alive long enough to remember cassette tapes, encyclopedias and phones that couldn't do everything for us, are often forced to adapt or be left behind. In the film and photography worlds, a civil war has emerged over the last decade or so, between those who prefer shooting film or digital, a civil war that would've been unthinkable in the past.

I remember film school like yesterday. There was an immediacy to shooting on film that made me realize how essential preparation was. When I had to pay out of my own, broke, out-of-state pockets to purchase 8mm film, and mail it to a lab in Boston where it would be developed, and, hopefully, returned, I learned quickly that I needed to know what I was doing when I filmed.

We used light meters but that didn't mean it wouldn't return under lit. I had 20/20 vision, but that didn't mean shots may not have returned out of f... 
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on meeting adam yauch, who had nothing to lose
5.7.12 : feature!
wall of noise
racial tension on the rise could lead to a long, hot summer
4.9.12 : feature!
funny people
the plight of black sketch comedy television, pre & post-chappelle's show
3.12.12 : feature!
where do broken hearts go
the unstoppable rise and fall of whitney houston
2.15.12 : feature!
tebow, christianity and american sports
1.11.12 : feature!
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1. the road to attrition
looking for peace of mind on los angeles freeways
: feature!
2. stupid names people give their kids
one way to avoid having your kids hate you when they grow up
3.12.04 : feature!
3. michael jackson and the chocolate factory
reflections through a broken mirror
12.5.03 : feature!
4. love don't live here anymore (part 1)
where have all the great r&b groups gone?
10.22.04 : feature!
5. the irresistible charm of 'cheaters'
adultery, american style
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re: on meeting adam yauch, who had nothing to lose

Awesome is all I can say about the writing, as well as what is being written about.

re: where do broken hearts go

good supporting details. strong voice.

re: where do broken hearts go

Thoughtful and well-written.

re: where do broken hearts go

Beautiful and all about being nothing but human.

re: requiem for a heavyweight

Though my exposure to rap back in those days was minimal, I at least knew Heavy D by name. Your column makes me want to learn about what I was missing. Love how you added your own personal reminiscences as well, bringing it back down to a level we can all relate to, even if we weren't fans.

re: the year of parenting dangerously

Please keep up the Jasonphilia. Loved reading this.

re: the girl who had everything

A beautiful tribute. To the point.

re: 10 things most don't know about martin luther king

Excellent. To the point, well researched (I assume), not preachy, not dishy. Very well done.

re: a tale of two sidneys

Well written, researched, opinioned. And the added visual aids were excellent.
There are also a bunch of movies I now want to see.

re: pacino, attica & dog day afternoon

a great "close reading" of this pivotal scene


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