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Brown eyes, brown hair, bluejeans and a T-shirt.

Digs loud guitars and good design. Easily hypnotized by green-eyed blondes, shiny leather, B-movies, and brightly packaged foods.

He's got a bustle in his hedgerow - but he is NOT alarmed.

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boston, ma  usa
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the elevator superhero
captain america goes to portland
4.20.12 : feature!

The morning we're leaving for our family trip to Portland, Maine, my son discovers one of the hiding places where I've (obviously) failed to conceal an open Amazon box containing two kick ass 10" Marvel action figures. Through the open cardboard flap, he spies a Captain America shield, barely visible through the packaging - but it's enough to send him flying down the stairs yelling "DADDY DADDY I SEE CAPTUM ANMERICA CAN I HAVE HIM!?

He's three this month, and there's just no postponing gratification - birthday or not - when a toy of this caliber is unearthed. If he'd dug a little deeper, he would've seen the brain-melting awesomeness of the accompanying Iron Man figure. Luckily, I get to save that one for his big day.

Anyway, within seconds we've ripped Cap's box to shreds and he's free to enrich My kid's imagination. Along with being a well-articulated rendering of the classic Cap (bearing little or no resemblance ... 
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slimed by digital ectoplasm
3.14.12 : feature!
the cult of eff
bearing facebook's existential weight
11.7.11 : feature!
longhair tv
2.24.10 : feature!
future tenz
the sexier decade ahead
1.6.10 : feature!
possible ride effects
a blog at best
9.28.07 : feature!
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slimed by digital ectoplasm
3.14.12 : feature!
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show me yours and i'll show you mine
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4. the elevator superhero
captain america goes to portland
4.20.12 : feature!
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re: longhair tv

Pretty long haired hippy boys were always my downfall!

re: longhair tv

Really original piece. And God, today's leading men really are namby-pambies.

re: future tenz

Wonderful, but not quite perfect!!!!

re: here comes the judge

You're onto something big with this.

re: here comes the judge

One of my favorite Jeff Miller columns. Touching while remaining very very real.

re: here comes the judge

True, so true!

re: if a body catch a body

Interesting personal insights

re: if sardines could talk

A little too short. I would have liked more examples of types of subway riders. That said, what's there is gold.

re: the running man

Spikey, topical humor. Gotta love it. Apply where it itches.

re: the running man

Amusing. Not deep, but amusing. And no, it wasn't obvious to me before you brought it up!

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